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The City of Edmonton Ribbon of Green Concept Plan
North Saskatchewan sandbar and sea gulls

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The Ribbon of Green Concept Plan:

  • Proposes extending the present urban park to include the entire length of the river valley and ravine system.
  • Divides the park into three land management zones: Preservation, Conservation and Extensive Use.
  • Represents a balance between making the valley accessible for public use and protecting the natural landscape and wildlife areas.
  • Proposes development of five major parks: Big Island, Terwillegar, Twin Brooks, Buena Vista, and Hermitage.
  • Proposes a continuous trail system including construction of eight river crossing bridges and eventual link to adjacent municipalities.

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 The City of Edmonton's North Saskatchewan River Valley and Ravine System Concept Plan (1990) considers the river valley and ravine system a whole. The plan's aim is to establish publicly supported goals for the development and management of our Ribbon of Green.

For details visit the City of Edmonton website.


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