North Saskatchewan at Rossdale original oil painting by Richard Dixon  
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Geography of the North Saskatchewan River


The North Saskatchewan is a majestic and beautiful river winding in a northeastern direction through Edmonton. It originates 1,800 metres above sea level in the massive 325 sq. km Columbia Icefield. It flows across Alberta and Saskatchewan to Lake Winnipeg, into the Nelson River and eventually into the Hudson Bay. Dividing the parklands and the plains, providing a navigable corridor for most of its 1,300 kilometre route, the North Saskatchewan River is one of Canada's most historic waterways. In the 18th and 19th centuries, the Saskatchewan River Route was one of the country's most important fur trading arteries, and in the 20th century, it anchored the urban and economic development of much of Canada's western prairies. In Edmonton It runs from the southwest to the northeast through the city and is fed by numerous creeks throughout the city, such as Mill Creek and Whitemud Creek. This creates numerous ravines, many of which have been incorporated into the urban parkland.

On a still Fall Day the River becomes a mirror.

North Saskatchewan in Edmonton


Mill Creek runs through Mill Creek Ravine Park into the North Saskatchewan River
 Mill Creek Ravine










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