Painting in the River Valley Richard Dixon Edmonton Alberta plein air artist.  
The Art of Richard Dixon  
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Richard Dixon Art
  • Richard Dixon:April Shower
  • Richard Dixon:Late Evening Light, Riverdale
  • Richard Dixon:Medicine Vision
  • Richard Dixon: Image
  • Richard Dixon: Image
  • Richard Dixon: Image
  • Richard Dixon: Image
  • Richard Dixon: Image
  • Richard Dixon: Image
  • Richard Dixon: Image
  • Richard Dixon: Image
  • Richard Dixon: Image
  • Richard Dixon: Image
  • Richard Dixon: Image
  • Richard Dixon: Image
  • Richard Dixon: Banks of Riverdale
  • Richard Dixon:Breakup
  • Richard Dixon:Canada Geese from the Walking Bridge
  • Richard Dixon:Geese on the North Saskatchewan
  • Richard Dixon:Cityview Overlooking Cloverdale
  • Richard Dixon: Great Blue Herons at the Sandbar
  • Richard Dixon: Highlands Golf Course
  • Richard Dixon: Hoodoos at Dawson Park
  • Richard Dixon: Hunter from Fort Edmonton
  • Richard Dixon: Metis Berry Pickers
  • Richard Dixon:Mill Creek early Spring
  • Richard Dixon:Mill Creek Autumn
  • Richard Dixon:Morning Mist
  • Richard Dixon:Muledeer at the River's Edge
  • Richard Dixon: North Saskatchwan at Rossdale
  • Richard Dixon: North Saskatchewan River Autumn
  • Richard Dixon:Rivervalley Fall
  • Richard Dixon:Sarcee Encampment on Mill Creek
  • Richard Dixon: SE Riverdale
  • Richard Dixon:Spring Breakup
  • Richard Dixon: Squall Over Astotin Lake
  • Richard Dixon:After the Storm
  • Richard Dixon: Still Waters
  • Richard Dixon:The Far Shore
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Limited edition Giclees of the" Edmonton Cityscape" and two other paintings , "Along Mill Creek", and "Southeast Corner of Riverdale" are now available. All archival ink on 80 pound artist's canvas, numbered and signed by the artist with a certificate of authenticity.

Total Edition of Cityscape:

Size 28 " x 84" Editon:12 Price: $1700

Size: 14" x 42" Edition: 30 Price $1000

Size: 9" x 27" Edition:300 Price $300

"Cityscape" by Richard Dixon












Richard is currently working on a series of paintings of the Edmonton river Valley to be used in a book. As the series is designed at the moment there will be 121 images in the book as full scale paintings, 25 of which are historical images representing the era of native occupation of the area followed by the fur trade and early settlement periods including the arrival of the NWMP. The 96 remaining images will be landscape scenes of the valley including a few cityscapes all identified as to their locations in the valley.

In addition there will be up to 50 renderings of the commonly seen flora and fauna of the valley ecosystem done as ink and watercolour works scattered throughout the book as an informational resource for the reader.

The format is designed as a walking tour guide to the park system that both enlightens and entertains the reader in terms of art and information.

Out from the central image of a city skyline of the downtown core will radiate 48 works to the east to Fort Saskatchewan, 9 images along Mill Creek, 48 images to the west to Devon and 17 images from the outflow of Whitemud Creek south.

The front cover of the book and the central image will be the city skyline with an overall map of the park beneath it with the artwork locations identified within it. Each chapter will begin with its own map and identification of artwork locations and trails in greater detail suitable as a walking tour guide.

The book itself will be 128 pages bound in a soft cover so it can be carried by a walker in the valley.